BWP plywood

BWP plywood – There are three types of plywood used to build modular kitchen, Its actually classified in to Moisture resistant plywood ( MR ), Boiled water resistant plywood ( BWR ) & Boiled water proof ( BWP ). Moisture resistant plywood usually used in the dry areas of the kitchen & BWR / BWP plywood used in the area where the plywood exposure to water handling. We suggest & provide our clients to adopt the high water resistant plywood material such as 710 graded to with stand any climatic condition when it comes to kitchen area.

Kitchen Bwp Plywood

Brand: Green ply / Sharon ply / Century Ply

Thickness: 18 mm & 19 mm

Size: 2440mm x 1240 mm

Technical name: MR & BWP

Grade: IS 303 / IS 710

Finish: Melamine

Types of plywood material

  • Commercial MR IS 303 graded plywood
  • Water resistant BWR IS 303 Graded plywood
  • Water proof BWP IS 710 graded plywood

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