Glossy modular kitchen

Modular kitchen with High Gloss finish shutters purely reflects your taste and personality towards your Living and lifestyle.

Premium range of modular kitchen normally comes with High glossy finished shutters of Laminated / Membrane pressed / UV coating painted. Its a Bit expensive choice than the regular modular kitchen shutters as well as it must be handled carefully to avoid scratches, even though the used surface is a anti-scratch resistant grade.

High gloss modular kitchen

We are the designers and manufacturers of modular kitchen with Hi-Gloss shutters in Chennai. Straight finished, Backer laminate with white or Off white colour.18mm thick BWR / BWP plywood with laminated finished and edges wrapped with edge banded of matching colour. AISI 304 graded accessories of branded quality.

Designing: Customized, Suits for pre-slabbed and Fully modular type.