False ceiling designs are essential part of any home and office decorations. Interior works which are not done with the false ceiling designs might look as if incomplete. Moreover, It helps in conceal many unwanted structures such as electrical cable wiring , Piping ,any suspended concrete roof structure, etc,. Also, Maintain the stable temperature and avoid external temperature exposing in to Interior areas.

False ceiling

Gypsum false ceiling designs

False ceiling Designer, dealer and contractors undertake false ceiling designs, Gypsum Board false ceiling contracts, Gypsum partition works, Calcium silicate Tile based Grid ceiling, POP ceiling and POP cornice design works for residential & commercial scope of interior. We use High Quality branded Boards. They are lighter in weight, High sound absorption, Moisture resistant and offered in reasonable price.

Gypsum board false ceiling

Gypsum board false ceiling

These gypsum false ceiling can be used in mostly residential interior areas and create as per our design, whether its modern or traditional design however we require. Gypsum ceiling can be painted as per your choice of color to match your home interior. Adding more POP or cornice to your ceiling, would make your interior more elegant.

Gypsum partition

Gypsum partition

Gypsum partitions are mainly used in the office or commercial interiors to dividing the space or making the rooms and its a fixed structure. These gypsum board partitions are sound proof and can marge the glass windows or doors wherever necessary.

pop cornice design

Pop and Cornice

Plaster of paris ( POP ) used to create any kind of designs such as arch, ceiling POP designs and additional structure where its needed to add a beauty to its interior and Cornice are used to make the borders of the ceilings looks beautiful. Its available in many designs & patterns.

T grid ceiling

Grid ceiling

Grid ceiling is also called as Mineral fibre board ceiling. These are Tile based ceiling installed in the grid shapes of 2’ft x 2’ft and its suspended from the actual concrete / main ceiling. they are excellent sound resistant and durable grade materials. Also, the grids are available in many attaractive designs to the various application & to match interior aesthetics.