Carpenter kitchen Vs Factory made comparision

Carpenter kitchen Vs factory made comparision – Once you decided to install a modular kitchen in your home, the next step is to conclude whether to go by a carpenter finish or to engage a professional modular kitchen company! Well, the kitchen that you going to install should long-last for some years to come. Thus , one must ensure the quality of the kitchen is up to the standard, also remember everything determines by the budget you limit.

Professional factory made kitchen

As a professional kitchen manufacturer, we always recommend our customers a best product that last for many years, rather than letting them experiencing bad kitchen product from an unprofessional carpenter with the limited or no source of material or even a skilled labour. Urban kitchen & Interiors a leading manufacturing company provide you the perfect kitchen by understanding customer’s requirement and offer largest options such as wide range of materials, functional system, shutter face, colour options, styles and other special features.

Carpenter kitchen Vs Factory made comparision
CABINET & MATERIALBranded plywood with High density core of IS 710 international standard.

Cabinet panel are hydraulic pressed, Both side laminated, sturdy assembly and edges are edge banded to resistant against any moisture.

Low density plywood from local vendors.

Cabinets are made by cutting panels manuelly with no precision on quality, laminated Only ONE SIDE. Edge band not hot melted & easy to peel-off with no time.

HARDWARESWe carefully choose & source the hardware, tested to its perfection, from the reputed leading supplier of Indian or International brand. With the limited source, buys it from local shops, almost all parts from china cheap imports available from the shops.
ACCESSORIES / DRAWER SYSTEMHigh-end soft close drawer system. Professional installation.

AISI 304 grade steel accessories of Life time warranty.

No carpenter knows the perfect installation of soft close system yet.

Low grade steel used, rusted with in short time.

DESIGNING & LAYOUT Experienced designer, completed beautiful designs , Provide you 2D / 3D desiging as per the approval, get confirmation.

Executed according to the confirmed drawing.

No drawings or No knowledge of producing drawing.

Sometimes, when finishing, may bring you surprise with great error.

DELIVERYThe delivery time have been mentioned while quoting the kitchen. max 45 days of completion.Procure stage by stage raw material, makes it in your home, upon individuals project may get delayed, prolonged to 3 months even. No guarantee of delivery time.
PRICEAt the begining, the entire scope of work has been taken in to consideration and estimate the project accurately. Initially to grab the order, quoted low. And, later over a period may raise your budget by disappointing that the specified job has not taken in to the scope & suprise.
QIALITY FINISHWe follow quality standard in every process of our product in our factory and ensure our customer experience a world-class productfabricated on hand-tool, it’s impossible to get precise finishing out of the limited hand tools.
DUSMANTLE & RE-ASSEMBLEOur modular cabinets can be dismantlled and re-assemblable any where. Easy to flat pack & transport.Its a fixed and regid cabinets, cannot be dismantle, Mostly nailed, may notice rusted over a time.
SUPPORT & CAREAs we use quality in all process and follow procedures, we provide you the execellent warranty on our product, beyond the warranty period , we shall offer Annual maintenance contract for our valued customer.Carpenters are usually from an unprofessional team, they will not offer you any warranty, They will wind-up once the job is done. And, its very difficult to track or contact in the future.

Factory made kitchen

Carpenter kitchen