Basic modular kitchen rules that should be followed

We’ve provided some basic kitchen rules and guidelines that you must follow to have a better functional kitchen. A kitchen is an essential part of your home and you may want all things are in mind to be kept in your kitchen design prior to start installation. Your modular kitchen isn’t the one if you want to change or alter the design once completed. So its better think in advance to list out things in a planned manner and get that in your design well in advance, and ensures that your hard-earned money invested wisely.

Essential kitchen rules to be followed

Basic modular kitchen rules that should be followed

Design & Kitchen Triangle

Before you finalize your kitchen design, make sure your kitchen layout designed as per ” Kitchen zone” rules such as Cooking, preparation and sink areas are not exceeded more than 26 ft in a triangle structure. And, there shouldn’t be any separator to distract the functions of the kitchen. Also, Note that there are electrical provision provided for the appliances that you requested.

Quality Raw material

When it comes to kitchen, You need to be alert on the raw material used for the kitchen cabinets. Usually, Kitchen cabinets should be made with BWP graded plywood for a long-lasting durability. BWP 710 plywood with stand any climate and resistant to Borer as well as termite to avoid any future spoilages.

Effective corner space

In your kitchen, Corners are the complicated space, compare to other area of the kitchen. So, you must keep your focus on having that specific space by adopting to advance options of accessories to make it as effective corner with out wasting much of your actual space and increase more storage space.

Access of wall storages

Wall storage plays a vital role in your kitchen, it helps you access things or your spices faster. In fact these wall units are meant for quick access to make your cooking faster. Sometime, having a decorative glass shutter instead of closed door is an amazing options to enhance your kitchen appearance. Keep that in mind, your wall cabinet shouldn’t obstacle the window or water handling portions. getting more tiers of shelf for the cabinet such as 750mm – 900mm height units provide you more space rather than 600mm standard unit.

Sufficient ventilation

Having a wide type of window ventilation in your kitchen raises your options of more safety in emergency. Kitchen is the place where we usually handle number of appliances and aware that generate more heat, to make your kitchen safe – You need to make your kitchen more ventilated by using chimney hood other exhaust options.